Heavy Duty Hospital Grade Latex Gloves
Sierra Leone Initiative
Rubber Boots
Sierra Leone Initiative
Sierra Leone Initiative
Receiving Blankets
KleenGuard Breathable Liquid & Particle Protection Coveralls
Sierra Leone Initiative
Hospital Grade Face Masks
Sierra Leone Initiative
Items Needed For Relief Kits:
For Cleaning Buckets
For Cleaning Buckets
Other Items Needed:
Cardboard boxes - 20" x 12" x 10"
DONATE NOW TO: Factory Cat Sweeper Fund
We have an opportunity to purchase a 2yr old reconditioned unit at reasonalbe price.
Large Print Bibles
Items We Have Available:
Snowblower - Ariens ST2+2
TITLES: Shake It Up, Sonrise, Panda Mania, Sky and Operation Overboard
Wheelchair Lift: Freedom Lifts Tracker Series 350lb
Fits late model Chrylser Mini-vans with StowNGo. Call for further details.
Ebola Training as Sierra Leon Shipment loaded

Ebola Training as Sierra Leon Shipment loaded

*MISSION CENTRAL Collecting supplies for EBOLA Outbreak....See Urgent Needs List...

Mission Central is the mission warehouse affiliate of the Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church. Along with our satellite operations called “HUBS”, we respond to natural and man-made disasters with relief supplies and supply humanitarian goods and logistical services to hundreds of different ministry and social service agencies. Since our beginning in June 2002, Mission Central has hosted tens of thousands of volunteers who come in service to “connect God’s resources with human need.” With our volunteers, we process disaster response materials, "relief kits" for use around the world, provide all types of needed supplies for local and national ministries, and assist many projects that are sending God’s love, locally, nationally, and around the world.
From The Front Desk

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